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(no subject)
So I head over to Farrago's Wainscot because I'm discussing "The Oneiromantic Mosaic of Harry Potemkin" by Teppo in my mentorship at Intermedia Arts/SASE, in order to swipe the swatch below from the section of the mosaic called Labyrinth, because it pretty neatly describes what I see as two key approaches to Mark's story:

Do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze?

A maze has branching paths, a labyrinth is the course of the true path. One is the curved emblem of discord, the other is an expression of linear regularity. One is our shadow, the other is our face.

Or, at least, I thought it did. But I went back a minute later to copy a different snippet....and the text I'd just copied had changed. It now read:

Do you know the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?

A maze has many paths, a labyrinth has only one. One is emblematic of chaos, the other order. One represents a God who is visible, the other a Deity who has abandoned us in the wilderness

Well done, Farrago, you bastard, well done.


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Teppo make head 'splode.

Character, world, and technology intersecting for to make my brain melt.

Ha! You got mazed.

That was one of my favorite of Mark's tricks. The numbers station puzzle really scrambles my brain, too.

(Well, it would, except I got the answer in the draft stage).

And I'm still in that maze. Labyrinth. I mean, maze. Labyrinth!

Jungian psychology meets mythopharmacology in that little trick of his. Gods versus archetypes versus this technology that mazes them together, creating a hiccup in the mind. Or mine anyway. It's a rich little snarl he snarled together there and I find myself turning it over and over, as I would a line of poetry that snared me.

It's Borges-dacious - or, at the very least, Burroughs-licious.


the other who has abandoned us in the wilderness... Wow. Holy fuck.

Re: http://sexscenesatstarbucks.blogppot.com

Teppo abandoned us in the cyberwoods.

Re: http://sexscenesatstarbucks.blogppot.com

Teppo delivers you from the wilderness on December 1st. I'm just sorry I have to keep my mouth shut that long. (So is Darin, 'cause I ain't telling him until Thanksgiving.)

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