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(no subject)

So like I said, we had this tech meltdown -- Mercury in retrograde, curse of the fathers, I don't know what it was -- but the long and short of it, I have a new cell phone, right? So for the last month, now, I've gotten calls for someone named Lucia (which is odd, because I've thrown tarot for Lucia) and from hispanic men looking for massages. They hang up when I offer to oblige. Then yesterday, I got a call on my direct line at work from someone conducting a credit check for a name I didn't recognize. I said they had the wrong number and the caller said, no, that they wanted to talk to Barth Anderson, but that I would be receiving an email to clarify. Then today, my spam filter got loaded with the same message that Matt Kressel and others have blogged about. I'll post it too in case anyone has answers:

SUB: there is but one will, though the paths are many
I realize that, in this age of automated spam agents and artificial
scripting that it is difficult to discern human intent--and human
need--behind an anonymous email, but I reach out to you in a desperate
hope that you will consider the possibility that I exist.
My Mosaic still lives. TH3y cannot stop it. Not as long as we believe.

Awesome. This was followed by a second email from someone named Mehmet inquiring about a homeless man that he didn't expect to see on a plane flight into Europe, and that email offered the same link, as if it would explain everything.

Yes...yes...it's certainly AAALLLL clear to me now....

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you know, this is starting to worry me a bit. You're the third person I know of to get this weird spam and the second person to get weird phone calls. What the hey is going on?

amongst the people you've encountered who got this, are they all involved in SF in some way?

Maybe this is crazy viral marketing? It's creepy.

The credit check was on Earl -- not sure of the last name. Earl Limbo? Earl Limbal? Is that an sf name that you know of??

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