March 3rd, 2009


This Thing On?

Non-fiction book in progress: Real Meals. Almost finished. I'm integrating recipes with flow of the prose, which is a bit harder than I first thought it would be. Saving the last chapter to be written last, which is the opposite of my usual MO. I'm looking forward to writing it with a toothy, hungry grin on my face.

Fiction in progress: Book of Bridges. Might be about farmers. Might be about bridges. Gotta peel back some more pages to find out.

Writers group this week with haddayr and Will Alexander.

I'm clearing some time to give a first-read to Maryn McKenna's new book. You do read Superbug, don't you? If you dig reading about  microbial nightmares real-time by a smart, clear-headed writer, then clickety-click.