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Breaking Light & Lightbreaker
My wife moved my writing space into our sun room while I was sick. I got hit with a 22.5 hr bug a couple days ago, and when I emerged this morning, ready to rock, my desk (that is, my table), lamp, internet hook up had all been moved. A sign of great trust that she felt she could do that. I love it here! Green with portos, jade, wintered herbs, and spider plants, a room of windows, and sunrise. Inspiring.

My new chapter was well received by the group ("group" = haddayr and Will) last night. Haddayr had read other, stumbling parts of this project, but this chapter, she said, sang. Will made similar comments. Good advice from both as usual, particularly in places where I got longwinded -- always my downfall. Did I say that I have a killer writers group? I do.

markteppo's Lightbreaker (First Book of the Codex of Souls) is about to drop. Might as well jump on the bandwagon now, kids. It's gonna get crowded.

Fair Food Fight
Got a good food story to tell? Interested in blogging alongside other foodies and folks concerned with sustainable farming, eating, and drinking? Can you blog about local beer or wine in your area?

Then go here, Fair Food Fight, and join the bash!

From Fair Food Fight's "Why We Fight" page:

How does it make you feel when you find out that that Monsanto is suing the pants off family farmers for saving seeds? That Procter and Gamble can be certified as a "fair trade" company?

Did you know that Dagobah organic chocolate is owned by Hershey's now? That Kellogg's owns Gardenburger, and that Cascadian Farm is really General Mills? You do know that organic companies are getting gobbled up like bar snacks, don't you?

Did you know that Big Organic food manufacturers worked a back room deal in Congress so that non-organic ingredients can be used in USDA certified organic foods under "emergency situations"?

How about this? Did you know that millionaire corn farmers get subsidized by tax dollars? Or that American farmers are planting more corn than ever and Americans are consuming four times as much corn sweetener as they did a generation ago?

Did you know that the cost of soda and crappy fast food has been plummeting in real dollars while the cost of fruits and veggies has been skyrocketing? Did you know the US Farm Bill promotes that?

We think this all stinks to high heaven. READ MORE.

(Plus, if you create a profile now (and give them your snail mail addy), Fair Food Fight will send you a bar of Fair Trade Equal Exchange chocolate in the mail.)

Take that Jon Stewart
Who says Twitter is useless? Via le tweet:

VisitLakeStreet@barthanderson Dug the mentions of Lyn-Lake in The Magician and the Fool