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Supernatural Activity
And lots of it in the house, lately. Did I tell the breaking plate story already? Lisa and I were talking at the dinner table when one of the kids' plastic plates popped into the air and cracked. That was the most dramatic event, but every other day or so, a plate falls off a perfectly flat kitchen counter; a glass tips over for no reason; a knocking sound wakes Lisa up in the night; a small piece of furniture that a small child couldn't move is suddenly in a different room. 

Generally, this stuff doesn't freak me out (the plate, however, still freaks me out). But when the kids note or react to an event, I get chills. Seems more real. The other day, the boy heard the knocking (he responded by shouting "Come in!" to the back door thinking it was our upstairs neighbors) and tried to locate the source of the sound. For some reason this really made my skin crawl, made me want him to knock it off. Finally,after 20 minutes of watching him search the house, I shouted, "Could we PLEASE play pirates now??"

And this morning, while I was up writing, the girl woke and ambled sleepily into the pre-dawn living room, and came to a standstill. Then she started stomping her foot. I whispered into the dark, "Watcha doing?"

"I'm scaring away the leprechaun," she told me.

Tarot Document Auction in New York
Mark Teppo, and fellow tarot nerds, heads up: According to Musings on the Tarot, noted scholar Stuart Kaplan is conducting an auction of incredible tarot-related documents in New York on April 2. Here's the list of coveted items from MotT (my wishlist is in bold, if any of you are feeling generous):

LOT 16: Les Cartes a Jouer du XIVe au XXe Siecle: A two-volume, first edition (1906)of an encyclopedic history of playing cards with lavish illustrations in full color.

LOT 17: First edition (1770) of Jean-Baptiste Alliette’s first book, a treatise on divination with regular playing cards

LOT 18: Group of 7 works by Alliette from the 1780s

LOT 19: First edition of the final volume of Aretino’s dialogues concerning card games and tarot, 1589re

LOT 20: First edition (1572) treatise on games with reference to tarocchi

LOT 21: 1526 poem on Italian card game primiera, old vellum loose binding

LOT 22: 47 engraved plates and maps concerning mythology and esoteric language, and ancient origins of tarot (1787) Pages 365-410 in Volume 8 includes the famous “Du Jeudes Tarot” detailing the ancient Egyptian origins of tarot. ["LOT 22": Heh. ~b.]

LOT 23: First edition of Moonchild, a 1929 novel by Aleister Crowleys

LOT 26: Handwritten notebook, containing over 180 leaves, with original transcribed text from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, circa 1890s.

LOT 29: Group of 8 first-edition volumes signed by famous fortuneteller LeNormand (published 1814-1831) [Check out "Exclusive Content": My take on LeNormand, which was cut from The Magician and The Fool. ~b.]

LOT 32: 18th century handwritten manuscript English Fortune Tellers, with astrology diagrams

LOT 33: Three 1782 volumes by Saint-Martin on the occult philosophy of the Major Arcana

LOT 34: 19th century manuscript The Art of Divination by Cards: A Complete Revelation of Destiny by Means of Cards & Tarot

Oh, for YUM!