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Barth's Four One-Card Spreads from Twitter
2 of Stars: You're Harold Lloyd. Beset, yet astonishingly unflappable. http://tinyurl.com/acbyvy  Never let em see ya shake, baby. #1card

10 of Cups: You are Rick at the end of Casablanca: Cynicism vanquished. Heart healed. Ilsa & Laszlo escape. Nazis defeated. Now what? #1card

You: Wonka and his lickable paper. Dreammaker and dreamer of the dream. Just don't get shot up the pipe like the fat kid. 9 of Cups. #1card

9 of Wands (R): Get up offa that thing, and shake it till you feel better. Get up offa that thing, & dance till you feel better! #nightcard

Follow me here, if you want to get these live.

Here's the skinny on these readings: Someone over at Weiser Books pulls a card, announces it on Twitter, and various tweeting tarot readers interpret it. Hit the links above to read other one-card readings.