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Yes, Michele Bachmann IS Bat Boy. Next Question?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R - MN6)

(Someone called her batshit over on haddayr 's blog, but I couldn't post the pic in comments. So y'all get to enjoy this here. )

Barth's Melodion Desk 2

So here's the melodion desk, which I went on and on about back here.

Photos taken with the new G1. Ooo. Aaah.

When closed, it looks like this (above). The legs fold up underneath when you remove the crossbar.

The cover is hinged.

This "tray" is where the keyboard of the melodion was before being refurbished. Now, it has little drawers and slots for junk that I will stuff with stupid shit. The two dots are finger holes for drawing out the desk top.

desk 2 desk 2

Like so.

Very sturdy and lovely. Though it was obviously the desk of a little old Scottish lady and not her ginormous great-great grandson. My back is going to ache until I can get to Ikea.