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Lambdas, Wiscon, and Rio Hondo
I'm trying to figure out how to pull of a major trifecta. I want to attend

* The Lambda Literary Awards in Manhattan

* Wiscon in Madison

* Rio Hondo Writers Workshop in the wilds of New Mexico

They all occur within a two and a half week span, so I doubt I can really pull it off, time- or moneywise. But Lisa is supportive (read, enabling) -- she's the one who keeps saying that we can figure it out. Consequently, we're gonna see if we can figure this out.

In other news, I think I finished the food book. The final, double secret deadline is Wednesday, so, with two days to spare, I think I'm going to let the dough have a final finishing proof and give it a last once or over tomorrow before I throw it in the oven.

It's been a fascinating process, writing a book about shopping for "real food" while a major economic downturn and a complete transformation of the natural food scene take place. I was just about to hand the book in last year when the economy tanked -- I'm so glad I didn't turn it in. The book would be utterly irrelevant right now, without addressing the economics of food buying for the average person. I was also beginning to deeply question the relevance of a book like this (showing people what organic means, how to read eco-lables, etc) when I myself was having serious doubts about the future of the organic/natural food industry as it appeared in the waning days of the Bush administration, and with a pro-corn, pro-ethanol president elect on the White House doorstep. Really, the whole USDA is undergoing a transformation, the likes of which we have not seen since Nixon's USDA Sec. said "Get big or get out," and turned the country into a giant corn farm for the next generation. It really is astonishing to watch players with a very different vision of food and agriculture (indeed, even seeing agriculture as "food" is a radical departure at the federal level), and it's resparked my intense interest in the possibilities for the future of food.