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CSAs in the Recession
In a previous post, I asked my buddy Laura (loonatics ) a couple questions in the comments about her CSA. She and her husband Adam run Loon Organics Farm near Hutchinson, MN.

B: I've been wondering how potential CSA share buyers as a demographic are reacting to the economy. Do they still think $400-600 per share is doable?

So when you say interest is still skyrocketing, do you mean that Loon is doing well or are you speaking generally? Do you think Loon is going to sell all the shares you need to sell this year?


CSAers are thinking about the money as much as anyone else. In the past we've rarely had to talk about the economics of the CSA versus now when I talk about it to almost every potential customer. In addition, we are now marketing to Central MN customers, and the initial price is especially daunting to them. When you break the price down by week and talk about the quantity of veggies they get, it seems doable to people. That being said, we have A LOT more 1/2 shares subscriptions which start at $225 for the season. We will be sold out for the season probably within a few weeks and will have doubled our membership this year. Other CSA farmers I know are either already sold out (earlier than last year) or are nearly sold out. I admit I am curious why CSA's still have such magnetism even in this economic climate and I keep coming back to the relationship aspect... People that are signing up with us want to Participate--work, volunteer, u-pick, visit--and to bring their kids too. So that's my 2 cents. I'm interested to see what the future years hold for the movement--can we (CSA farmers) keep all these newbie members with us? Obviously, we are hoping so.