May 10th, 2009


Maybe Counselor Troi was Lynndie England?

From Slate

There Are Four Lights!
Revisiting Star Trek: The Next Generation's eerily prescient torture episode

I'm not sure how eerily prescient that episode was. Some issues surrounding torture are described effectively, I suppose, and those issues are now swirling around a far more complicated and disturbing situation, namely, that the "good guys" not only tortured, but they did so as amatter of policy, the policy was defended publicly by the Vice President and others, the media and average citizens defended the practice, too, and, worst of all, the highest officials who ordered this policy, seemingly, weren't and won't be prosecuted.

TNG's depiction of these issues are actually too neat and gentrified to really capture the horror of where we are. Now, if a new, Vulcan-like leader of the Federation had learned that Picard was stacking Cardassians in naked human pyramids under orders, and then that wise, progressive leader turned a blind eye to the Federation policy compelling the Captain to do so -- well, that would have been prescient.